This episode is part of a limited series with foreign speakers brought to you by law firm GLIMSTEDT Lithuania. These talks are additional to the regular podcast episodes which come out twice a month. This episode is in English only. 


“Self interest or individualism is about prioritising the self as the vehicle to progress society. Whereas self care is about understanding that I need care in order to continue to be selfless,” human geographer Oli Mould notes, while sharing his ideas about a healthy way of shaping common, empathetic society and finding our role in it.


Is creativity being abused by capitalism? How can subcultures recreate the city? Is progress always a positive term? Does society exist at all or is it just a crowd of individuals? Eventually, how do we include the ones who harm us? We touch an array of broad subjects which in the end sum up to a rather rhetorical key question – what's a healthy way of co-existing?

Oli Mould is a researcher and a lecturer in Human Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has recently published a book „Against Creativity“.

Interview, editing and visual art by Urtė Karalaitė

Music by Filipe Raposo

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